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Traveling Music

This was my first solo project. It’s a mish-mash of different moods, styles and instrumentation collected from things I wrote between 1995 and 2005. Moving Great Distances was written by Gary Ray, Maz Kessler and myself in our band State Of Desire in 1981. With this 2001 interpretation, I’ve given it a new  lease on life. There are several songs with lyrics and vocals, some are synth based, some are guitar/bass/drum oriented and others have orchestral instrumentation. Although they are of very different textures, they seem to play together well – like loving but mildly dysfunctional siblings. Enjoy!

Strings And Hammers

I originally wrote 8 piano pieces as a birthday present for my Dad. He loved them and suggested I write more. The result:  17 moods based on a piano. Meditate. Dance. Feel on top of the world or feel sorry for yourself. Cry. Laugh. Drink wine. Contemplate nature. Sip a pina colada on a tropical beach.

Bird Watching

Here is an album so relaxing and peaceful, it’s like a 43 minute meditation. The sounds are wonderfully soothing and no matter what state you’re in when you start listening, you’ll be in a deep mellow mood before long. Unlike many other ‘relaxation’ albums, the music on Bird Watching is very creative with clever turns and phrases that keep you listening but always keeping you in a mood that kind of feels like you are gently floating in water with your eyes closed. The instrumentation is unusual with sounds created by synthesizers, percussion, piano, drums and many other strange and exotic instruments. All in all, this is a must have album for those seeking relaxation through a wonderful listening experience.


Waterfalling is a music project where songs are based on the fluid sound of water. Drips from a tap, the flow of a stream over rocks, rain on a tin roof, the seashore – all evolve into beautiful, evocative mood pieces. As with other projects from Jeff, each song contains unusual instrumentation with nature samples, synthesizers, percussion, strings, piano and a variety of other melodic and percussive devices. There are no abrasive sounds. The overall effect is soothing and mysterious, awash in wet sonic textures. These are tonal poems, each evolving slowly, pulling the listener into unique and secret worlds. If you are into taking a journey into deep, uncharted waters, this album is well worth a listen.

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